February at APES filled with celebration

Vicci Nelson - Principal Alexander Park Elementary

February at Alexander Park has been filled with celebrations and special events. The beginning of the month had children making predictions as to whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow. Some students hoping for six more weeks of winter, and others hoping that spring would soon be here. Students were actively engaged in math, language, building, art, and even movement centers during our celebration of One Hundred’s Day at school. School days have also been filled with Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day activities, ‘It’s a Gas’ presentation from Science World, multi age science groups, and gymnastics, and the month is not over yet! This week we have Pink Shirt Day, where students are encouraged to wear a pink shirt or other pink clothing to school to take a stand against bullying. Thanks to the fine efforts of GSS students and their teachers, our Winter Carnival afternoon is set for later in the week. The many winter activities the GSS students have planned means a fun time for our students.

Alexander Park has a very active Parent Advisory Council. We are lucky to have such a committed group of parents and appreciate everything they do for our staff and students. The staff sends out a big THANK YOU to our PAC for the delicious luncheon, goodies, and gifts they surprised us with last week. Our P.A.C. is always looking for parents who would like to get involved. Parents are encouraged to start by coming out to the monthly meetings. The meetings are a great way for parents to learn about what is happening at the school, share ideas, meet new people, and to sample delicious treats! Parents have the opportunity to help with on-going activities such as the lunch program, volunteer to assist with special events like Fun Day, or contributing ideas and opinions during meetings. Please think about getting involved and plan on attending the next meeting.

Lastly I would like once again to remind parents that literacy learning begins at home. Help your child to experience the incredible world of knowledge and imagination being a reader can bring by taking time each day to read together.

~Vicci Nelson