Fall Faire prepares for a comeback

A popular event is coming back to Golden after a one year hiatus.

After a one-year hiatus the Golden Fall Faire is coming back for its fifth year.

“It was a great and popular event in Golden, and we had other organizations and representatives from the Town of Golden come to us and say ‘would you be willing to be involved if we were able to promise you more help.’ And we said yes,” said Colleen Palumbo with the Golden Historical Society.

For the past two months the society has been working on bringing back one of Golden’s favourite events, based on the old fashioned fall faires from back in the day.

“We started it originally as a celebration event to show people what an old fashioned faire could look like. And as a result, boom. Next year everybody said we have to do this again because it was awesome,” said Palumbo.

All the old favourite competitions will be making a comeback, including the tractor racing, the wife carry, bail stacking and the tug-of-war.

The indoor events like the best apple pie, best mud pie making competition, and don’t forget the best produce competitions. Awards will be given out for the biggest pumpkin, zucchini, and tomato etc., as well as the oddest shaped vegetables. So start tending to your gardens now.

They are also bringing back the Kettle Valley Breakman to play a live show. The band was there for the first faire six years ago, and the society had received several requests to bring them back.

“We’re doing a new competition this year called Chopped Golden,” said Palumbo. “So on the Friday night, the people who want to be involved in the cooking competition need to come to the fair building to pick up their bag of mystery ingredients that they can take home and prepare a dish to bring back for judging the next day.”

The support from Golden has been overwhelming so far says Palumbo. And she is approached almost daily by people telling her how happy they are that the fair is coming back this year.The community involvement in the event in the past has been inspiring, with competitions bringing people together in friendly competition.

“We do the tug-of-war between the local businesses, it can be pretty fun. If you have a business with heavy-duty men you’re going to win,” said Denice Darbyshire, president of the Golden Historical Society.

“Our very first year, the best competition that was held, was a tug-of-war between the RCMP and the Fire Department. The Fire Department won, but then there was a group of young kids in the crowd who wanted to take on the fire department. Puny little people,” said Palumbo.

“When they got pulling on the rope it was fairly apparent the fire department was going to win. And it was the most amazing community spirited thing you’ve ever seen. People just came in from the crowd, got on the kids’ side and pulled the fire department over. It was awesome.”

Look our for the fair books around town, they should be printed by June 15.