Drysdale awarded Governor General Bronze Medallion

GSS Graduate Michael Drysdale was presented the 2010 Governor General Bronze Medallion and the end of February from GSS Principal Iris Trask.

GSS Graduate Michael Drysdale was presented with the 2010 Governor General Bronze Medallion award at the end of February.

Golden Secondary School (GSS) principal Iris Trask explained that each year the federal government awards the top (academic) Grade 12 student with this award. The reason it is presented the following year is so schools can receive all provincial exam marks.

“It is quite an honour for a student to receive this award,” said Trask.

Drysdale is finishing his first year of university. He’s studying Health Sciences at the University of Calgary with the long-term goal of going into research or medicine.

“It’s a fairly new program, and Michael is loving it,” said Michael’s mother, Claire Drysdale.

Two of Claire’s other sons, Chris and Daniel, have also won this award in the past. Chris took Industrial Design at university and is now a freelance artist for Video Game companies, while Daniel is taking a break from biochemistry school by working in rope access construction. The other Drysdale son, Ben, is in his third year of Kineseology school and has just been accepted to chiropractic college.