Danny “Hurricane” Halmo rode through town dressed like a Yeti

Bigfoot takes big journey

A yeti came to golden bearing a gift for the local food bank.

If you saw big foot rolling through town on Friday, no, you weren’t losing your mind. And you can rest easy, he’s not here to steal your beer.

Danny “Hurricane” Halmo drove through town on an electric scooter, dressed as a yeti, making a special delivery to the Golden Food Bank.

“I’m doing this to raise awareness for the four main disabilities; physical, mental, legal and financial,” said Halmo, still dressed as a yeti while handing over cases of food to the food bank. He has several costumes that he dons in different towns across Canada.

“I thought a yeti riding around in the Rocky Mountains was fitting.”

He is driving across Canada, on an electric scooter, to raise awareness, help out local food banks along the way, and hopefully make a Guinness world record while he’s at it.

Diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2003, Halmo has had to face many challenges, and now lives with all four of these disabilities.

He tried this Food-Bank-A-Thon last year, starting in Windsor, Ontario, but was stopped by an accident just a couple hundred kilometres short of the record. This year he started in Vancouver, and is making his way to North Bay, Ontario. By the time he gets there, he will have surpassed 3,044 km, giving him the new world record.

Green vehicles, like the GIO e-bike that Halmo drives, are often used by people with disabilities, as they have difficulty getting drivers licenses, and cannot afford gas-gussling vehicles.

“Doctors should be prescribing these bikes for anyone suffering from depression,” said Halmo, with a huge grin on his face. “Riding this bike is the best anti-depressant, mood stabilizer I’ve ever had.”

And the reason he is incorporating food banks into his journey is because many of the people frequenting the food banks are suffering from some form of disability.

Golden was Halmo’s last stop in B.C., and he headed off for Banff after his stop at the Golden Food Bank.