Artist Joni Young stands by one of her paintings from her collection Imprssions of Golden

Beautiful landscapes of Golden captured by local artist

Painter Joni Young’s collection, Impressions of Golden, depicts the beautiful scenery of the town she grew up in.

This artist doesn’t need to look any further than her own backyard to find inspiration.

Painter Joni Young’s collection, Impressions of Golden, depicts the beautiful scenery of the town she grew up in.

“We live in such a beautiful town, so I’m just happy to do this and let people see it,” said Young who was born in Nelson, but grew up in Golden. Impressions of Golden is on display at the Art Gallery of Golden from now until Nov. 27.

Not only is painting a full-time job for Young now, it is also a lifelong passion.

“I always loved colouring and drawing as a child, and my mom is an artists so it seems to run in our family,” she said.

“I’ve always had a strong interest in art. I took up painting after high school and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”

Acrylic painting is Young’s medium of choice, and as far as content goes, all she has to do is look out her window, or go for a walk.

“I’m really drawn to landscapes. But I also love painting flowers, and I do the odd figure and animal once in a while, but mainly landscapes,” she said.

Photography is also a growing passion of Young’s, and she does most of her painting from her own photographs. She has several paintings of the wetlands from photos she took while cruising down the Columbia River, and that fresh drop of snow Golden got a couple weeks back got her particularly inspired.

“I hopped in the van and I drove around Nicholson, and I saw this scene at Canyon Creek. I just peaked over the edge, there’s a little cliff there, and when I saw this through the trees I knew I had to paint it,” she said.

Although known for her use of colour, Young has started creating more and more paintings in black and white.

“I really like the contrast, and I like the different midtones, it makes it look soft. There’s contrast, but there’s also this softness that brings it all together,” said Young.

“It’s kind of different for me because I’m known for my colour, I love to go crazy with colour and I don’t hold back. But then I can go the complete opposite way, do a black and white painting and enjoy it just as much.”

All of Young’s paintings are on sale at the gallery, and she has been working very hard getting this collection ready.

“I’ve been working really hard, and very steady, so this collection took about a month. I’ve been painting non-stop, and teaching in the evening,” she said.

In the past Young has taught at the College of the Rockies, as well as the local schools. At the moment she is mainly teaching classes out of her home studio where she can accommodate up to 11 or 12 students.

“I’m teaching mainly children, but I’ve got an adult class going right now and it’s really fun,” said Young.

This is the first show Young has ever had in the Art Gallery of Golden, but you can also see her work on display at the hospital, the clinic, and often at the local markets.

“Everybody knows me from the markets, I’m always there,” she said.

And even though she is happy to see her art enjoyed by others, she often has a hard time parting with it.

“I do have a hard time parting with them, but it’s good because it makes me want to paint more when I do,” she said.

“If I’m at home and I have all these paintings there it makes me think I should wait a bit before I paint more. But if I sell them then I get excited and feel like I need to paint more because I don’t have any left.”