Summer student Christopher Brown relaxes in the living room at Wixon House.

A walk into the past at Wixon House

A tour of Wixon House in Golden will take you a time gone by.

In the heart of Golden their is a house where people  take a journey back in time.

Wixon house has been a fixture on the corner of 9th Avenue South and 9th Street South  for many years, and thanks to the Golden Museum, people can go for a tour.

“We are open four afternoons a week. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) Our summer student is buzzing round the property and keeping everything in good shape for visitors,” Said Colleen Palumbo, executive director of the Golden Museum.

The house is open for all visits from 1-4 p.m. on the pre mentioned days.

Wixon House was built in 1893 for the first doctor who was coming to Golden to work in the town’s first proper hospital.

The doctor was coming to town but did not have a place to live.

The house was sold to Arthur Wixon whose descendants lived in the house until 2007, when the last family member passed away and the house was left to the town of Golden.

“It is Golden’s only residence which is protected by a bylaw,” Palumbo said. “People will see it exactly as it was the day that Ruth Wixon moved out in the hospital.”

Palumbo added Wixon kept the house in pristine shape because she knew how important it was to the community.

Summer student Christopher Brown, who gives the tours at the house, feels it is a great spot for both locals and tourists to come by for a visit.

“It is such a good concentration of Golden’s history all in one building,” Brown said.

There is no charge to get into the house though people may make a donation if they would like to.