A community garden that gives more than food back to Golden

Local residents benefit in many ways from being a part of a community garden.

John Jenkins is just one of the people who are working hard to make sure the community garden in Golden continues to produce healthy food for the Golden Food Bank. Jenkins stressed how important volunteers are to the project

The growing has started at the community garden in Golden located on the corner on 9th Street South and 9th Avenue South in the backyard of the Ruth Wixon House.

The  garden has been producing food for a number of years and gives people the chance to learn more about gardening while helping out other local residents.

John Jenkins, the garden assistant, explained the growing season started in mid-May this year.

“Everything is coming along really good. We went for a crammed style of planting this year. Everything is intended to be full of food,” he said.

Jenkins said the garden is meant to provide some food for 30 to 40 families.

“I think this is important for every town. It is set up for the food bank and I think it is set up in a way to provide them with locally grown, and in our case this year organically grown, foods,” Jenkins said.

Building on this type of garden is something he hopes will catch on with others in the future, where some kind of expansion will happen over time.

The garden is also open to having new people drop by and help where they can.

“We are always looking for volunteers. Times are set up but we can be flexible. People can come here and learn about gardening,” Jenkins said.

The educational side of the process is one of the fun benefits Jenkins sees when people do come by and help at the garden.

“People coming to share and or gain knowledge about gardening while volunteering is a cool thing. Sharing knowledge about gardening and inspiring others to learn on their own is a great way to pick some things up,” he said.

Anyone interested in learning more about the project can email Jenkins at johnjenkins01@hotmail.com or call him at 250-344-4961 or through the Golden Food Bank.