Members of the Golden Historical Society are preparing for a jam packed year which will include the group being involved with the Fall Faire

A busy time ahead for the Golden Historical Society and Museum

The members of the Golden and District Historical Society are busy at work sharing the past with a new generation.

It is a busy time of the year for the Golden and District Historical Society with plans in the works for upcoming projects.

The year started off with an accomplishment which will protect some of the historical artifacts at the Golden Museum. “At the beginning of this year we finally realized a dream of many years with the building of a fireproof vault,” said Executive Director of The Golden Museum and Archive Colleen Palumbo.

Palumbo wanted to thank everyone who donated to the project.

Since then the group had a professional with BC heritage come in to help give advice to the group on how best to use the vault.

But the vault was just the start of another year for the group

“The Historical Society is currently involved with the Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire. We are working on that and will also be doing something for Canada Day as well,” Palumbo said.

The group is also presently in the process of applying for grants which would once again bring summer students to the facility this year.

The summer camps have become a popular part of what the museum offers to children in Golden and even though this year the camp will be similar to last year’s program there will be a few new surprises.

“We have changed it up a little bit. The summer program will be similar with the kids learning about old technology and finishing up with the movie. But we are opening up 50 percent of our spaces for low income families. They will for no charge send their kids to camp providing they meet the criteria,” Palumbo said. “It is exciting to be able to do that. It is a program that has been well received by the community and we would like to see it continue.”

As for the museum itself, Palumbo said the group is looking at a few potential exhibits which they would like to show. Two potential exhibits could be on Baptist Morgeau and the Swiss Guides.

According to Palumbo there are a lot of good things happening with the group and at the museum.

Anyone interested in volunteering with the society can drop by the museum to find out more information.  “We are looking to find people who can offer us even two or three hours once a month. We will provide them with some training and help out,” she said.