Tracking your way to sweet treats in downtown Golden

Janet Crandall has just opened Moose Trax, a fudge candy and snack shop, that recently opened up in downtown Golden.

Janet Crandall gets ready to pour a batch of fudge at her new store Moose Trax in Downtown Golden.

She is certainly not new to the business world, but this new venture is taking her out of her comfort zone, into an exciting new place.

Born and raised in Golden, Janet Crandall has been in the newspaper business since she was a kid, starting off at the family paper at age 11.

“It’s so funny, because I’m finding that there are some things about business that I absolutely did not know,” said Crandall, who at age 40 has decided that she was ready to try something new, and open up her own shop.

For the past month-and-a-half Crandall has been working to open up Moose Trax, a fudge candy and snack shop, that recently opened up in downtown Golden.

“By the time I decided to do this, It was so far past the scary part, I was just ready for it. I was ready to try something different,” she said.

“And I’m at that point in my life where it’s now or never.”

Moose Trax is filled with all kinds of chocolate candy and snacks, but its bread and butter, what makes it truly special, is the fudge. They will start off with 14 different flavours, including Rocky Road, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coconut Creme and Fudge with Skor, and change them up as much as possible.

“We’re going to have lots of flavours, today I made maple walnut,” said Crandall. “We’re also going to do seasonal fudge, so in the fall we would do pumpkin pie, apple pie, and at Christmas we’ll have candy cane and egg nog.”

Maple was not supposed to be one of the original 14 flavours, but so many people have already come in asking for it, Crandall decided to make it.

The past month-and-a-half has been a busy one for Crandall, but she is happy to be in control of her own business, and do something she enjoys.

“I like this kind of thing, candy and packaging. I mean, who doesn’t like fudge?” said Crandall. “But to be doing something like this, I certainly don’t have any delusions about guaranteed success. I could be broke by September, that’s the reality. But I think it’s worth the risk.”

Since she found the space for her shop, and started moving in, Crandall has been pleasantly surprised by the show of support from the community.

“I grew up here, but that doesn’t mean people have to do anything for you. So the help I’ve received has been overwhelming. And the support of people coming through the door, people will peak their head in and say ‘wow it’s looking great.’ It’s been really nice. And I sure didn’t expect that,” she said.

“And my family has been down here helping me all the time, so that has been huge.”

Moose Trax is located at 101-421 9th Ave. N. Go on in and check out all of the Easter treats for the holiday season.