Frank Rainville and Travis Leblanc are combining their passion for great food and the Golden area in their new business with Golden Fries.

Fry guys serve up great food with a great view

The taste of poutine and a desire to stay in the Golden area has led to the creation of Golden Fries.

A desire to spend more time in the Golden area while providing great poutine and other food has led to the creation of Golden Fries.

Travis Leblanc and Frank Rainville came to Golden from different parts of Canada and made the decision it was the place they wanted to be. Rainville said he fell in love with the area after visiting in 2003. “You have to make your life where you want to be,” he said.

After spending their summers in Alberta the pair got together to come up with  great business opportunity which would let them spend more time in the local area.

“We were doing the Alberta thing in the summer just to come back to Golden but we figured if we could stay here all year round it would be perfect,” Leblanc said. I always wanted to stay around here all summer and now I can.”

As for why they picked a food service truck the pair said it was their passion for good food and a great place to work which made the decision an easy one to make.

“I had a craving for poutine,” Rainville said with a smile.

“It is about really good poutine with really good French fries along with other great food,” Leblanc added.

The truck is set up at the Kicking Horse Rest Stop approximately 10 kilometres east of Golden on Highway One.

“We felt it would be a good place to be due to the amount of traffic. Plus it is in the middle of the Rockies, the river runs next to here and people will be able to relax and enjoy good food,” Rainville said.

Leblanc also said the support they have been receiving from people who live in the area has been great.

“People are starting to get to know us and come out regularly. We know we are doing good,” he said. “To be able to be in this situation where you get to eat with this view and get food made with love then here we are.”