Beeland is a honey of a stop in Spillimacheen

What started out a s shelf of honey has expanded into a thriving business based in honey.

Morley Winnick stands on the front steps of the historic Spillimacheen Trading Post which has been the home to the Beeland business for over five years. The company which started out selling only honey has expanded into the Jubilee Mountain Apiary selling frozen food

While driving along Highway 93/95 South of Golden you will come across a piece of history in Spillimacheen which is now a place where honey goes to be turned into something for everyone at Beeland.

It was around 12 years ago when one of the owners of Beeland, Morley Winnick, was told about the wilderness property along the Spillimacheen River and how it used to be a place where great honey had come from before.

After trying out the site the business has now flourished into seven different sites with 200 hives in the valley which bring a variety of flavours for their customers.

Currently the business is set up in the old trading post in Spillimacheen which they refurbished about six years ago.

“As the business grew and grew we realized we needed a base for the honey. We transitioned our process here, the handling and storing of it,” Winnick said.

Over the years the company has been developing different foods in which they use honey. “Like honey in jams, fruit preserves and now five and a half years later we have a line called Jubilee Mountain Apiary. It is the food products which have been the growth for us,” he said.

Winnick went on to explain there are many reasons why the food products have been expanding at such a fast rate. “The quality of the product. The honey is unsurpassable. We harvest late so you get a high quality cured honey. It is absolutely pure,” he said. “We are expanding into speciality food like frozen foods. We started with our honey Saskatoon pies and honey cherry pies. We now have vinegars and more.”

Winnick also said they have a Jubilee Mountain line of body and skin care products which are 100 percent natural.

Many people who have seen the business develop over the years are shocked by how far it has come from selling jars of honey.

Winnick is excited about what the future holds for the business and where the next step will lead.