Kat Hadford stands in her new photography studio on 10th Avenue South.

Beautiful photography at Kat Hadford Photography studio

Golden’s newest photographer, has just opened her brand new studio and is having a Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday Oct. 20.

Kat Hadford, Golden’s newest photographer, has just opened her brand new studio and is having a Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday Oct. 20.

Originally from New Jersey, Hadford came to Canada with her husband six years ago to raise their family in his hometown of Lillooet. They made the move to Golden in July when he was offered a job at the hospital.

“It’s funny how life has taken me from the New York City area, to Lillooet, and now I find Golden a really good size,” said Hadford. “Golden seems like a thriving metropolis compared to Lillooet, it’s twice the size at least.”

It was in Lillooet where Hadford took her passion for photography and turned it into a business. She started taking photography jobs part time from a studio in her home while she was working part time at the hospital.

“I eventually got busy enough that I could stop working at the hospital and just focus on that,” she said.

With three young children, working out of her home was a perfect situation. But now Hadford is ready to focus more on her business, so she opened up a studio on 10th Avenue South.

“It’s nice to leave the house, and I found that working from home you don’t delineate the work time and family time very well. Now I can get the kids taken care of, and come here and focus more on the work. I’m really excited about that.”

A primarily self-taught photographer, Hadford focuses mainly on portraits and weddings.

“In Lillooet I got to work with a lot of little kids and I love that, so I’m excited to have that the focus of my business here,” she said. “Kids are challenging, but I love them and I have three young ones at home so I have a bag full of tricks.”

Quite often Hadford sees parents leave her studio frustrated and disappointed because their children were not being as cooperative as they could have been.

“So many times parents leave feeling exhausted and not knowing what to expect. But then they see the proofs and they’re just shocked that something great came out of it. You don’t need 40 happy smiley shots of your kid. You need that one shot that you’re going to love and want to look at every day. So usually I can pull something out.” she said.

“That’s part of why I love photographing kids, because it is such a challenge. You really don’t know what to expect, and it is so rewarding when you get something when you weren’t really sure. To get something that everyone is thrilled with is really nice for me.”

The Grand Opening for Kat Hadford Photography at 828 10th Ave. S. (Unit G) will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It will be an opportunity for people to come in and meet Hadford and take a look at her work.

There will also be door prizes and exclusive discounts for attendees.