Columbia Wetlands Adventures offers gives people the chance to get up and close to nature and see wildlife.

Adventures into the Columbia Wetlands

Golden is fortunate to be located on the edge of the longest intact wetlands in North America.

Golden is fortunate to be located on the edge of the longest intact wetlands in North America. The Columbia Wetlands is a 1,070 hectare wetland, rich in wildlife and splendor.

Columbia Wetlands Adventures offer guests a chance to see the natural wonder through guided river tours and boat rentals.

“It’s been really fun for our first year so far, getting our feet wet,” said Mark Teasdale, owner of Columbia Wetlands Adventures.

“It’s neat to offer something different, and I love sharing our home, and our town, with people from all over the world.”

Teasdale also owns Columbia Extreme Forestry Services, and runs the tour company on the side, “just for fun.”

During his time at Columbia Wetlands Adventures, and his many years living out in Parson, Teasdale has seen moose, elk, various birds, and fish. More than 50 species of mammals and 300 species of birds use the wetlands as a migratory route.

Every month has it’s own qualities that make it special says Teasdale, but with the bird migration September is going to be an excellent month for river tours.

“With the colours and the migration, it can be pretty spectacular,” he said.

In a town where there are many adrenaline, action packed activities, a serene tour on the calm Columbia River is nice relaxing alternate way to see the beautiful scenery of the Columbia Valley.

The company has several guides including Teasdale, who will share their knowledge and stories of the local history and ecology while you keep your eyes out for wildlife (although he has proclaimed his main guide Wally Randall as his “river master”).

And if you’re interested in a more private experience, there are self-guided tours on single or double kayaks, or a two-person canoe.

“We’re pretty open, we can accommodate pretty much whatever the group wants to do,” said Teasdale.

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